Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here they come...

Glowing into your world,
'Cracked in the Head' nightlights...
These new babies are different from the others,
simply because they will sit anywhere,
not just a head.
They were far too interesting to totally rip apart
for just the head...

This sweet lil' girl poses and cries when you lay her to rest...
but her adorable face will glow when you plug her in.

#1 is Estelle

This sweet lil' charmer is my personal favorite,
perhaps because she still glows in spite of her handicaps...
her face glows red when lit, embarrassed perhaps.

#2 Gertrude
named after an aunt with a wooden leg

Don't have a clue why she has no hands
and maybe she did in another life, but for now...
she is...
#3 Etta Mae

This lil' angel has tiny arms and big legs,
perhaps a dwarf or a screw-up in manufacturing,
hard times during the depression,
you used what was available.

#4 Evangeline

This baby is simply haunting, she still sports her original dress,
though tattered, it still has a story to tell.

#5 Isabella

Well, then there's this baby boy...
is he black, is he white,
no matter, we love him still...
he also cries when laid to rest
(no pun intended)

#6 Michael J.

And of course, the original style of nightlight...
I only have one of this style, so grab while you can.

#7 Hedly


  1. Oh cool!! NOW I see! (I did think they were all going to become be-headed!) I love them!!!!

  2. No clue what to say except, Awesome!!!!!!


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