Tuesday, November 10, 2015


 Beautiful marbled soaps in a multitude of fragrance...

These are specialty soaps that I only do for my shop
and displayed on Facebook...

or if it's a special event that I need
something different to attract attention
to my booth...

Sorry...and sigh...I wish I had more time,
but that's the way of it for now!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Scent galore...soap, soap, soap...

 Chanel #5 and Lily of the Valley...

 Lemon Grass, awesome lemon scent...

 Sweet Olive, one of my fave scents...

 A sweet mix of Linen and French Vanilla...

and another one of my faves...Clover Honey...
YUM...many, many scents available at
The Wild Thing and Candle Shed Effect...!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Paint, strip or faux it...

 I bought a cupboard,
it was mostly stripped, which is a style
that I love in my home,
I needed to fix the problem without
using a stripper...soooo...
I painted the old varnished section.

 I made a wash of different paints
to create nearly the same color of the stripped wood.
It lightened it considerably,
so I am satisfied...

In the meantime
what to do, what to do...
I just purchased this piece and it has the
same issue...
should I paint, strip or fake it...?
Gonna wait awhile before I decide,
we'll wait and see, I'm thinkin'!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In the beginning...a revival...

I will now begin posting on this blog the 
photos of the new store, our activities, our inventories,
our new dealers...everything that the travelor
would want to know when seeking a fun
antiquing destination...
a sweet lil' black chest, newly painted,
ready to use.

 We are in an historic downtown right on the
Mighty Mississippi River, well, one block away anyway.
Our shop is filled with dealers in a 3000 sq.ft.
building...we call ourselves a co-op 
because of the multiple businesses that have joined
our lil' quest.
 First and foremost, we have The Wild Thing(me),
then we have the Junk Asylum(Lorie)...
Lorie and I have had several storefronts together,
I guess you could say we are addicted to junk.
When we were offered this building that is right
next door to my daughter's shop, we decided this
would be the perfect fit for all of us.

 So we started compiling AND COMPILING,
it didn't take long to get the store filled, but then...
we decided to start adding other shop owners to the mix.
Plus we had other vendors interested in joining
and some wanting to start a biz, so why not,
we had a complete lower level to fill
as well...so, a co-op is born.

We all love junk, paint and experimenting
with trends, so why not.
The Wild Thing is the name of my soap biz...
been crafting and selling soaps for years, so
I decided this was the perfect name for 
my fledgling brick n mortar...
we've only been open since Nov. 2014,
so this is only the beginning of our
junking quest.  

Hand-poured Glycerin Soaps

Hand-poured Glycerin Soaps

Rough-cut Glycerin Soaps

Rough-cut Glycerin Soaps

Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap