Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the berries...

Is it spring time yet
the berry's ripe on the vine
sweet juicy surprise

Finally...I got my mojo back and am doing some new necklaces for the new shop...
The Junk Asylum
Check us out at...

This piece is made from recycled beer bottle glass that come from Africa
and a wonderful strawberry charm, with an aged finish,
and of course the crystal strawberry red, juicy drips
and SWEET...

price SOLD

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soar into the Blue...

Where is it you fly
sweet bird of the morning sky
I'll soar with you there.

I love this 'swallow' charm and the powder blue of the Amazonite beads, they are so pale and calming. Pared with the recycled sea-glass beads, you too can soar like the Capistrano perhaps...ha!
The small dangling charm gives permission to 'SOAR'...

Necklace $49.99
Earrings $18.99


Madam Butterfly...

Fill me with the dreams
of flowers and hope and life
and dew in my hair.

This is one of my all time favorites, I love the beads and the charm just says it all...we don't have to be serious about anything, as long as we have a dream and a hope. The recycled beer bottle beads give the Earthy look I so love, along with the Earth tone, fire glazed beads, it really sets the mood to 'Dream' a drop of dew dangles from her hair.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blue Wild Rose.

Your dusty image
reflects the sky in my eye
stay blue in my heart.

This is one of my favorite charms, the wild rose, state flower of Iowa you know...although it is pink and not blue, maybe this just reflects the sorrow for the loss of habitat in the state and world wide.

It also wears multi-Earth toned glass beads and a sky blue bead on point.

Necklace $49.99
Earrings $18.99

Take this the key from me
and open a fragile heart
to a world yet known.

This little key and lock cover are set among antique jet black beads and random yellow vintage glass beads...very sweet, the key to my heart.

Necklace $49.00
Earrings $18.99

Sky Fairy...

Fragile wings aloft
maidens of the sky in flight
send me dreams of HOPE.

Recycled clear glass beads share space with beautiful sky blue baubles...this Sky Fairy has a surprise floating on her wing, a vintage pendant of blue, blue sky and a calling of HOPE...a message for all to witness.

Necklace $49.99
Earrings $18.99


Sumac of the realm
spreading shade all 'round the keep
minute leafy crowns.

Dusty Verdi leaves of the sumac trees, shelter recycled bottle beads and fire-glazed gems of multi-colored splendor, with a bit of herb twill to remind us that the buds of the sumac can be boiled into a vitamin rich tea, served with a bit of stevia for sweetness, it tastes much like lemonade...perhaps it is a fairy drink...imagine...

Necklace $49.99
Earrings $18.99


Sky Princess...

Butterfly in flight
floats in harmony with Spring
princess of the sky.

Don't you just love Haiku...simple yet to the point...beautiful fire-glazed beads float in rhapsody with the delicate wings of the sky princess.
Recycled beer bottle glass from Africa blends perfectly with the faded wings of this butterfly.
She has a delicate pink droplet of dew hanging from her tip, reflecting the flowers she frequents.

Necklace $49.99
Earrings $18.99

The Wild Thing

Leaves yield Verdi dusts
end of a season's harvest,
sip fruits of labor.

This piece is a work in color variations, I love the Verdi with the yellow turquoise, the contrast just speaks to me, as does the large grape clustered charm aged in Verdi Gris. Reminds me of the deep green color of the grape leaves and the dusty powder they sometimes get in the late summertime and the antiquity of the Provence...anyway, it works for me.

necklace $49.99
Earrings $18.99

Hand-poured Glycerin Soaps

Hand-poured Glycerin Soaps

Rough-cut Glycerin Soaps

Rough-cut Glycerin Soaps

Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap