Monday, January 11, 2010

Change is in the air...been released from the Asylum...

...well...I'm gonna blame it on being a Virgo...that's where it all starts really! I require constant change, a few true-hearted friends and a deep, ingrained love of the Spirit in Nature and art...

But being a loner at heart, I don't require the need of a partner to be fulfilled
this is called free spirit...

I fly by the seat of my pants
require very little sleep
keep a paper and pencil by my bed
talk to my dog
and trees(the trees listen)
drive the speed limit
am an early morning person...

I like STRANGE...
things that sissies abhor
I don't mind snakes
I crave sci-fi
I look for the Mother ship
believe in conspiracy theory's
wear men's clothes
and even like SOME men
and spiders scare the crap outta me...

I remember the wienie mobile
some would call me old
but some are clueless
and mindless
I have respect for my elders
and don't like whiners
or pink
I love a good sense of humor

and crazy people
hi Barb and Brent
hi TOT
hi Kelly
hi Chippy Lauri
hi Deb and CD
hi Nanc
and my family
and dried crabs
and eyeballs...

and this proves it...I'm certified...

things are changing all 'round me
my favorite color is Earth
White has been stained
ties have been cut
a resurrected me evolves
as does this blog
new body parts will be issued(brains)

and I will still buy taxidermy
and listen to the ewwwww's...
this Wild Thing
will be creating for a different me
the original
off the wall

some things may not be appropriate for certain audiences...TUFF!!!


  1. Hoorahhhhh!!!! I like dolls without eyeballs and bones and antlers and rust!! I'm just glad to be along for the ride!!


  2. You are WOMAN, and I can HEAR YOU ROAR! Now go get all the good junk before someon else does! LOL.....

  3. You go girl....!!!
    I love bones...must be my venus in capricorn!
    &&& luv my doggies. Guess you won't be alone on this trip...

  4. Them's fightin' words sister! WOW what a ROAR! Love it! Been doing it tough the last few weeks! Can't afford to go anywhere! But reading this boils the energy! Good one!

  5. Sharon- Sorry to hear the news but hoping we'll get to see you at Sisters! This winter has been a tough one for everyone.


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